Thursday, April 9, 2009

Typing Trivia
4/2/2009 7:10:36 AM

The words ‘’stewardesses” and “reverberated” are the longest words typed with only the left hand. 

The longest words that can be typed using only the right hand in proper typing form are ”lollipop” and “monopoly”. 

The only ten-letter word that you can spell with the top row of letters is “typewriter.” 

“Skepticisms” is the longest word that alternates hands when typing. 

No words can be made from the bottom row, due to lack of vowels. 

The longest word that can be typed without a true vowel is "rhythm." 

The longest word that can be made without typing the same letter twice is "uncopyrightable.” (Yes, it is a word meaning “ineligible for copyright.”) 

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Traveler said...

Thanks for this typewriter trivia. I'll have fun turning these factoids into questions that will certainly stump my trivia-loving friends!